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5 Definitions of Leadership to Jump-Start Your Day

ByGriffin Buckley


Standard Electric’s company culture is built on strong leadership, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to integrity. With over 30 associates in leadership positions, we asked a few of these leaders how they define “leadership” and what it means in their particular role. Here’s what they had to say…


"Leadership is the ability to lead and guide a team, motivating and inspiring individuals to get them to where they need to be."

Brandon Wormet, Customer Service Manager


“Leading by example. Doing the best you can and doing right by others. Not letting titles or "positions" stand in the way of helping out. Keeping a positive attitude and finding solutions and a way to move on and around obstacles. Contributing to a positive working environment.”

Cassie Petty, Vice President of HR and Quality Assurance


“Not only conveying goals to associates, but by LIVING them in plain sight so that they know I not only mean what I say, but I also lead by example.”

Mike Ubl, General Manager of SE Automation and Vision Control & Automation


“Leadership is the ability to identify, encourage, enhance and develop talent while guiding to achieve goals/objectives.”

Angela Anderson, Director of Customer Service


“Mentoring and guiding a team of associates to achieve a common goal. This is achieved by working with the team to develop the best methods as opposed to dictating processes.”

Jeff Frisk, Product Training Coodinator

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