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Associate All-Star: Cindi Helpap

ByJoanne Moss


Meet Cindi Helpap! Cindi is an Account Manager for Standard Electric. She works out of our Madison, WI location. See what makes Cindi an All-Star!

What was your first position at the company? When did you start? 

I started at Standard Electric in Outside Sales, thirty-seven years ago! This was my 4th job out of school. I worked for another electrical distributor, a paper distributor, and an electrical contractor. I liked my customers. Fun meeting with people and the challenges of solving their problems. And I was always in Outside Sales.

How have you been able to learn and grow in your role? 

I have met customers and co-workers that have given me great insight. I learned along the way about the electrical industry, how to handle different people, how to work with difficult people, and learning to read people. I love working with people.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I really love helping customers solve issues. I like working with people and helping. I have had to expedite their product when lines are down and customers are in a jam. I enjoy trying to find a solution or another product that will solve my customer's problems.

What led you to choose to work for Standard Electric? Why have you stayed?

I worked for another distributor, and John Nowak’s brother, who I worked for, said I would like Standard Electric. It has been a great company, lots of friends, both customers and fellow associates.

What have you learned in your time in the industry?

The business is constantly evolving and you need to always be ready to learn something new.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the workforce now?

Relationships are key. You work with different customers and its so much more than selling just a part. You have to show what value you bring and your dedication to them. I always told my customers that we are in this together and I don’t just consider you a customer, but a partner. If you are successful, then I am successful.

If you could go back to give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Enjoy every day. Take your time. Don’t rush through things but enjoy what you are doing more . It’s the proverbial take time to smell the roses.

What has been the greatest change from when you started, to now?

Probably technology – when I started there weren’t cell phones at all. You had to drive to a telephone booth to make calls. And there was one computer in the whole sales office. My customer list was given to me as a stack of green bar computer paper. Technology made some things easier, but also business has become more demanding. It used to be our customers would leave messages at the switchboard and you had until the next day to get back to them. Now everything is immediate.

If you have one, what’s the funniest (PG) work story you have?

I stopped quickly to pick up a sample for a customer, left my car running, my fellow associates hid my car, I thought it was stolen. Don Bangert and Bill Hirschinger were the ones who did it!

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