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Enclosure Modification Solutions

ByJessica Nemitz


Top-Notch Enclosure Modification Solutions

Welcome to the world of customized enclosure solutions, where the intricacies of engineering meet practical application. At Standard Electric Supply Co., we pride ourselves on being a critical partner for industries requiring precision and customization in enclosure modifications. With our two state-of-the-art “Mod Shops” in the Midwest, we cater to a diverse range of customer needs, offering tailor-made solutions that enhance functionality and efficiency.

Customization at Its Core

We offer a variety of enclosure modification solutions including:

  • Enclosure Assembly: Combines various components into a complete enclosure system, ensuring all parts fit seamlessly for optimal functionality.
  • CNC Machining: Utilizes automated machinery to perform precise drilling, cutting, and shaping of enclosures, enhancing both the speed and accuracy of modifications.
  • Holes, Cut-Outs, and Infrared Windows: Precise openings or windows in enclosures to enhance functionality and accessibility, tailored to specific operational requirements.
  • Sub-Panel Modification: Involves customizing or altering the sub-panels within enclosures to accommodate specific components or configurations.
  • Custom Painting: Offers aesthetic customization of enclosures through painting, allowing for color-specific branding or coding for easy identification and integration.
  • Accessory Installation: Includes the addition of supplementary components such as mounts, cable management systems, or display interfaces to the enclosure, enhancing its utility and efficiency.
  • Climate Control: Integrates temperature management solutions like cooling fans, heat exchangers, or air conditioners to maintain optimal internal conditions for sensitive electronics.

Your Premiere Source for Rittal Enclosures

Proudly partnering with Rittal, the leading global enclosure manufacturer, our Enclosure Modification Centers boast a full inventory and exceptional capabilities, ensuring rapid turnaround times. Our expertise as a Rittal Platinum and Gold distributor ensures that we provide top-notch enclosure solutions tailored to your specifications. 

Our dedicated team of enclosure specialists are equipped to provide you with the individual attention your project deserves, ensuring every solution is cost-effective, timesaving, and implemented with the highest degree of precision.

We invite you to contact our Enclosure Modification Experts today for more insights into how we can assist in optimizing your enclosure strategies!

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