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Rittal Edge Data Centers: Scalable, Flexible Solutions for Every Requirement

ByJoanne Moss


Rittal Edge Data Centers: Scalable, Flexible Solutions for Every Requirement

Standard Electric and Rittal are excited to share more information about Rittal’s Edge Data Center Solutions. Different organizations have their own definition of Edge computing, opinions on where the Edge is, or what Edge architecture looks like. Yet, the essence of The Edge — putting processing power as close to where data is generated and used — creates the critical benefits of edge computing: reduced latency, more analytics and insights, open bandwidth, less storage costs, and full support of real-time, data-heavy applications: IoT, fast network technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

Selecting the right IT cabinets and accessories to secure and protect these investments is crucial for your entire operation. Not only does the location and potential risks need to be considered, planning for new equipment — scaling as the need grows — should prompt a discussion of future modification capabilities, something not all IT enclosure systems can do.

Rittal offers scalable solutions and flexible services for your data center at clearly calculable costs. These services involve:

  • Optimization: The efficiency, cost, sustainability, and scalability are carefully analyzed, so that we can identify ways to optimize your IT infrastructure.
  • Operation: Your data center operations need to be protected to ensure 24x7 uptime. Our individualized service agreements with guaranteed response times can provide peace of mind and keep your data center solution running.
  • Design: We will design the data center infrastructure to give you the optimal balance of CAPEX and OPEX. Our solutions are developed based on pre-engineered platform designs that can be customized to your needs and can be deployed globally.
  • Implementation: Our installation team will build and install the supporting infrastructure (power, cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, and security data) needed to operate your critical IT. Once built, it will be tested, commissioned, and handed over to you.

Applications with Cooling Technology:

Edge Data Centers are often located in unconditioned environments and exposed to harsh conditions, making protection of the IT equipment from such contaminants crucial. Rittal offers a full spectrum of cooling solutions designed to operate in these harsh environments maintaining the proper conditioned space for your IT equipment.

Application Example: Single enclosure solution designed to install in space constrained locations. The stand-alone roof top air conditioner and solid front and rear enclosure doors ensure operation in the harshest of environments.

  • Pre-engineered solutions – unpack, install, and deploy
  • Industrial strength – protect the mission critical IT deployment  
  • Safety, security, stability – designed to maximize uptime
  • IP 54 with pleated filter rating – keeps equipment safe from dust and water droplets
  • Remote monitoring and control – sustain locations with limited IT support infrastructure

 Edge Data Centers in the small output category:

Edge Data Centers can handle a wide variety of tasks, not just data capture and condition monitoring. With critical processes, such as controlling traffic flows or monitoring production processes, it is particularly vital for an Edge Data Center to reflect the availability of the application. Scalable redundancy is the key here.

Application example: IT infrastructures comprising just one or two IT racks must still offer the same features as a large data center. This begins with a reliable power supply and cooling and extends through to monitoring. Smaller Edge Data Centers are ideally suited for distributed installation across various locations for processing data in real time (for example, traffic monitoring and control).

Edge Data Centers in the medium output range:

Edge Data Centers are always defined by the application. CPU-intensive applications may require multiple enclosures with a higher cooling output. The modular system from Rittal safeguards your growth plan, as it is scalable in terms of size, redundancy, and maximum load.

Edge Data Centers available for rapid installation:

The continued increase of Edge Data Centers to support an unparalleled demand for data presents new challenges. When it comes to installation, having the capacity for rapid deployment allows businesses to get their IT equipment operational quicker.

Application example: Your business may involve running numerous critical IT applications simultaneously and the data center needed to support may necessitate multiple IT cabinets. These data centers, even though not as large as the hyperscale ones, need to be designed and built to the same standards and quality as the hyperscale ones. Rittal’s pre-engineered platform designs allows you to have a superior, code compliant data center customized to your needs at a tier level you want.

Edge Data Center in a security room:

Innovative services provided by regional and local government demand the highest standards of security for storing sensitive citizen data and protecting it from manipulation, as well as real-time and long-term data processing. Additionally, data centers must often adapt flexibly to local situations and offer the option of dismantling and reassembly at another location. The modular, scalable Edge Data Centers in the Rittal security room meet all these requirements – the optimum solution for efficient e-government applications.

Edge Data Center in a container:

The IT infrastructure is significantly impacted by ever-growing data volumes. Demand for CPU and storage capacity is growing at a similar pace, leading to a need for more server and storage systems, yet space to increase the footprint of the IT infrastructure is limited. Rittal’s data centers in containers offer the perfect solution because the standardized systems are installed in a short time and the concept is individually tailored to your requirements.

Benefits of Rittal container solutions:

  • Customized container solutions on a platform basis
  • Predefined modules are individually compiled to create a container data center
  • Pre-configured container solutions can be up and running in next to no time
  • Project planning by Rittal
  • Turnkey delivery of a field-tested solution complete with comprehensive documentation

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