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Telemecanique Sensors

ByJessica Nemitz


Enhancing Industrial Automation with NEW Advanced Detection Technology!

Industrial automation relies heavily on precision and efficiency, with sensors playing a crucial role in achieving these goals. From detecting subtle differences in color to identifying transparent objects, modern sensors have revolutionized how industries operate. 

Standard Electric, a premier distributor of Telemecanique Sensors, is proud to introduce 6 NEW Telemecanique Sensors – Blue Light, Color, Contrast, Laser, Transparent, and XUM/XUB/XUN. Check them out!

Blue Light Sensors: Illuminating Precision

Telemecanique Sensors introduces Blue Light sensors in XUM, XUK, and XUT formats. These sensors are designed for enhanced detection of low-reflectivity objects, particularly those with dark surfaces. Their high-intensity blue light offers superior interaction with surfaces, making them ideal for detecting deep black, reflective, curved, angled, shiny, and transparent objects.

Download Blue Light Sensor Flyer

Color Sensors: Capturing Every Hue

Color sensors are pivotal in applications where precise color detection is necessary. The XUK and XUM color sensors from Telemecanique Sensors offer unparalleled performance in packaging and e-commerce industries.

Download Color Sensor Flyer

Contrast Sensors: Ensuring Reliable Mark Detection

Contrast sensors are essential for applications requiring high and reliable mark detection, such as in packaging and labeling processes. Telemecanique Sensors offers a range of contrast sensors with different light sources to suit various materials and contrast marker colors.

Download Contrast Sensor Flyer

Laser Sensors: Redefining Detection Performance

Laser sensors from Telemecanique Sensors offer exceptional detection performance, precision, and connectivity, making them ideal for packaging machinery.

Download Laser Sensor Flyer

Transparent Sensors: Unveiling the Invisible

Detecting transparent objects can be challenging, but Telemecanique Sensors' XUM and XUT series are designed to tackle this with high sensitivity and precision.

Download Transparent Sensor Flyer

XUM/XUB/XUN: Taking Detection to New Heights

Telemecanique Sensors' new XUM-XUB-XUN sensors are compact, rugged, and perfect for tight spaces. They offer rapid detection, long sensing distances, and anti-interference performance. Integrated with IO-Link for real-time data, they ensure easy installation and support the Smart Factory revolution.

Download XUM/XUB/XUN Flyer

The advancements in sensor technology by Telemecanique Sensors highlight the importance of precision, reliability, and versatility in industrial automation. From blue light to transparent sensors, these innovative solutions cater to a wide range of applications, enhancing efficiency and performance across various industries. By integrating these cutting-edge sensors, you can achieve greater accuracy and operational excellence in your processes.

Standard Electric SENSOR SPECIALISTS are standing by, ready to partner with you in choosing the right Telemecanique Sensors for your application. Experience best-in-class technology backed by customer support that is second to none. Contact Us Today!

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