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ABB DCS880 & ACS880 Industrial Drives: Engineered Efficiency Solutions

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and ABB are offering two new Industrial Drives that are customizable for applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry. The new DCS880 Drive Series is built on the all-compatible drive platform that ensures all ABB variable speed drives share common features and tools. In addition, the all-compatible ACS880 Single Drive provides complete flexibility and capability in wall-mounted or cabinet-built drives that improve energy efficiency.  Both drives can be customized for the Pulp and Paper Industry, as well as numerous industrial complexes where there is a need to control a wide range of applications. This would include conveyors, mixers, and cranes.

The DCS880 Industrial Drives are well-engineered solutions for power distribution and advanced systems to ensure process efficiency due to state-of-the-art components. To further support optimal paper making, ABB also offers innovative products for paper quality measurements, from online scanning to laboratory testing. The ACS880 Industrial Drive provides premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control, including permanent magnet motors and synchronous reluctance motors.

Features & Benefits:

DCS880 Industrial Drive ACS880 Industrial Drive
Safe torque off (STO) built in as standard Intuitive control panel & PC tool
Compact & robust DTC for precise open & closed loop control
Single drives, 20 A to 5,200 A, up to 1600 VDC Built-in safety features for simplified configuration
IEC 61131 programmable Communication with major automation networks
Supports all major fieldbuses Removable memory unit; easy drive replacement
Wide range of options for DC motor application(s) Energy optimizes & energy efficiency info
Effectively interfaces w/Industrial Internet of Things Designed for easy service

The Industrial Drives come with many useful built-in functions that focus on safe operation, easy selection and installation, fast setup, and efficient maintenance.

To learn more about the ABB DCS880 and ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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