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Ferrule Tooling: Wire Crimping with Comfort

ByGriffin Buckley


The ergonomic design of this hand tool provides a sleek and comforting solution to crimping wire ferrules.

ABB introduces the 950x series of their Ferrule hand tools, crafted with quality, comfort, and functionality in mind. Available in both a square and hexagonal crimp, the 950x series delivers UL listed crimps on a wide range of bare and insulated Sta-Kon ferrules as well as ABB ferrules within 0.14-10.00mm2.

These ratchet-release crimping tools are perfect for reducing operator strain and fatigue common with most hand tools. Their non-slip handle even features a hole for an attached safety strap.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic design helps reduce operator strain and fatigue
  • Range-taking design does not require a user to identify the proper die or nest to use, minimizing the risk of mistakes or improper crimps
  • Full-cycle Shure-Stake™ crimp mechanism ensures a consistent, reliable crimp when used according to instructions

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