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ABB PMA Flexible Cable Protection Systems: Get Your Flex On!


ByLauren Willman

Standard Electric and ABB are offering the PMA Flexible Cable Protection Systems. These systems are non-metallic flexible conduit systems for the protection of critical power and data cables. The cables are for applications with high requirements, essentially wherever cables are installed and exposed to mechanical stresses and environmental hazards.   

The list of applications is virtually endless, including rail vehicles and infrastructure, industrial machines, electrical systems on ships, solar and wind energy generation installations, telecommunications, construction, and medical equipment. PMA products also make a vital contribution to the smooth operation of high voltage and emergency power systems, production machinery and woodworking machines, etc. PMA cable protection solutions safeguard cables, wires, and data links against heat, cold, compression and tensile stresses, and other external influences in the machine building industry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Highly resistant to continuous bending
  • Suitable for narrow bending radii
  • Abrasion resistant

PMA offers a vast array of practical accessories in order to complete the PMA cable protection system. Lock nuts are produced from polyamide or metal, thread reducers and enlargers, conduit adapters, and swivel adapters as well as different mounting clips for conduits.  All products create make the PMA line even more flexible and application friendly.

Click here to download the PMA Flexible Cable Brochure

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