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Baumer Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

ByGriffin Buckley


Deliver precision gripping and data feedback of your robotic arms using Baumer’s end-of-arm tooling devices. These grippers and automatic tool changers are the perfect addition to your robotic assembly line. By incorporating sensors, you’ll be able to position, measure, and ensure the repeatable accuracy of your gripper jaws.

This added functionality allows for greater tracking of preventative maintenance, warranty claims, and enablement of smart grippers to contribute to IIoT technology.

Parallel Grippers: (Baumer)

Jaws: Position – Indirect measurement of the opening degree of the gripper fingers in order to provide feedback from the gripped part. A wedge or a cam have to be designed into, or added to, the gripper mechanism to act as a target for a miniature inductive distance sensor.

Pitch Position – Detecting upper and lower end position of the piston in pneumatic grippers in order to ensure that the piston rod is not broken. The controls will collate the signal with the jaws / fingers open / close signal.

Jaws: End Position – Detecting open / close condition of the jaws.

Part Presence Detection – Detect part presence or distance to part between gripper fingers in open and close condition.

Automatic Tool Changers: (Baumer)

Magnetic – Monitoring locked and unlocked condition by detecting piston position.

Pressure – Monitoring locked and unlocked condition by measuring air pressure above and below the piston crown.

Inductive – Monitoring locked- and unlocked condition by detecting piston position.

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