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Belden RJ45 Connectors: Unmatched Reliability


ByLauren Willman

Standard Electric and Belden are offering a wide range of high-quality reliable RJ45 connectors for efficient field termination. Field termination of Ethernet cables can be time-consuming. Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors are the essential solution to deliver a faster, simpler, universal cable termination solution, complete with a unique insulation piercing mechanism. They are manufactured specifically to withstand exposure to harsh elements in the field, and they are ideal for use in any industrial application requiring an easy-to-use field-termination solution. Additionally, Belden is now offering a new DIN-Rail mounting fixture specifically for Industrial REVConnect jacks. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Long-term reliability in the field due to insulation piercing mechanism
  • Ability to withstand exposure to harsh elements, including noise, vibration, and extreme operating temperatures
  • Time saving
  • Compatible with any IoT device using an RJ45 plug and can be switched from a jack to a plug (or vice-versa) without having to re-terminate

When installing a new network in machine building or other applications where there is a relatively high volume of terminations to be done at once or on an ongoing basis, Belden connectors are a must!

Click here to download the Belden RJ45 Connectors data sheet.

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