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Benefits of Custom Kitting and Assembly

ByGriffin Buckley


3 Benefits of Custom Kitting and Assembly

Some companies do an amazing job organizing and keeping stocked items in their proper locations. Others… could maybe use a few resources to alleviate stress and pressure that come with locating and grouping parts. Heck, even those who already do a great job organizing can find benefit in reducing SKUs and reallocating time and energy to new or higher priority ventures.

That’s where Custom Kitting and Assembly comes in.

At Standard Electric, over 10% of our annual business is Custom Kitting and Assembly related which means one important thing: there are a significant amount of companies out there who benefit from these services. This is what you can expect by utilizing Custom Kitting and Assembly services:

1. Reduction in SKUs

The entire purpose of custom kitting is to condense multiple parts needed down to one simple product box or SKU number. This happens first by speaking with our Custom Kitting Specialist about the scope of the project. From there we take lists of parts needed by the customer, organize them into one kit, and then replicate it to the volume specified. In many cases, Standard Electric will assemble product and terminal blocks for an even easier implementation.

After the parameters of a kit are laid out, customers, and buyers particularly, need only worry about reordering one SKU. For most businesses this can be a huge procurement time-saver.

2. Steady Workflow

By essentially eliminating the need for in-house sorting and organizing, companies save on labor and time. This can help mitigate production schedules during busy seasons, allow workers to focus on new company-advancing projects, or free up assembly workspace on the factory floor.

3. Save on Overhead Costs

One of the most significant benefits of using a distributor for custom kitting and assembly services is that we take on the stock needed for kits. By doing this, companies eliminate the risk of pricey overhead costs associated with maintaining stock on shelves. Working with a distributor will allow you to receive the specific quantities that you need when you need them most.

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