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Thinking Beyond the Box: The Power of Modification Solutions

ByGriffin Buckley and Erin Roddy


One man’s metal box is another man’s enclosure of endless modification possibilities. Or at least, that’s how we look at it here at Standard Electric.

Thanks to the amazing teams we have assembled at our two modification centers, we’ve been able to turn hypothetical wants into full-scale solutions. By partnering with our enclosure engineers, you’ll design a solution customized to your specific business needs.

Our modification services include:

  • Enclosure Assembly
  • Accessory Installation
  • Sub-Panel Modification
  • Custom Painting
  • CNC Machining
  • Holes, Cut-Outs, and Infrared Windows
We’ve invested in our modification services with an in-house Kiesling Perforex CNC machine to minimize the turnaround time on modifications.

What does a CNC Machine do, you might ask?

CNC machines process pieces of material to meet the specifications outlined by a numerically coded programming instruction. They help cut holes in electrical enclosures or back panels, speeding up the overall production time of modifications.

With speed and precision enhanced, there are many reasons to love using a CNC machine, but here are 6 that allow us to operate at our highest potential:

Full Automation

The CNC machine drills, thread taps, mills, engraves, and deburs, saving up to 89% of the time spent making manual modifications on an identical job. Jobs that took 35 minutes, now, take only 4 minutes.

Repeatable Processing

Projects are repeatable once programmed into the machine. Therefore, no matter the size of the job, each enclosure modification will come out to your exact specifications. This guaranteed consistency will ensure your customers receive the same high-level quality product every time.

Higher Output Capacity

With jobs programmed into the machine, you can complete more orders than when the modifications were done by hand, which will substantially increase your productivity.

Variety of Materials and Components 

CNC machines can modify a variety of materials, like Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, as well as components like mounting plates, doors, side panels, and roof plates.

Precision Quality

With the CNC machine programmed to make cuts and holes to your exact specification, there is an added level of precision that cannot be guaranteed with manual modifications. In other words, removing humans from this process reduces the chance of human error.

Meet Deadlines

Adhering to project deadlines is a must. With the speed of a Keisling/CNC machine, not only are your timelines accelerated, but there is more time to dedicate to post-modification services.

Our engineers love a challenge and look at each modification as a new puzzle to solve. If you have an enclosure project that needs solving, let us know! We look forward to building something great together.

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