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Brady’s I5300 Industrial Label Printer: Easy as Drop, Lock, and Print

ByPeter Mau


Standard Electric and Brady are proudly offering the I5300 Industrial Label Printer, equipped with zero calibration, zero wasted labels, higher-volume duty cycle, and ultra-precise printing. This revolutionary printer is what all printers should be: simple. With a speedy and effortless process, the I5300 delivers quicker than ever printing turnarounds. How? The I5300 Printer is designed with the utmost efficiency: no setup, no adjustments, and no waste.

Features & Benefits:

  • No calibration needed
  • 20-second supply changeovers
  • 300- and 600-dpi print-resolution models
  • 1-click label part recognition and setup
  • Faster print speeds for all job sizes
  • Rugged construction for mid to high volumes
  • Resulting in no wasted labels

Savor the time you are saving due to additional features such as the print queue and the interrupt function. The I5300’s 7” color touchscreen, intuitive interface, and additional design features not only allows you to achieve your large printing needs but in a simple and straightforward manner.

Easy as drop, lock, and print

To learn more about the Brady I5300 Industrial Label Printer, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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