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Brady Industrial Label Printer i3300: More Labels – Less Effort

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Brady are offering the “real-deal” i3300 Industrial Label Printer that makes your identification projects easy, fast, and affordable. Since labels and ribbons snap into place and auto-calibrate, you are ready to print without waste or delay. Due to the printing versatility of the Brady i3300 Industrial Label Printer, you get a convenient and efficient tool for facility-wide identification that offers more than 825 parts, 70 material options, and additional custom label options for a variety of applications.

The package includes identification tasks from wires, panels, and products to safety and facility labels. The printer’s performance and ability to withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and handling is unmatched and well-suited for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  Best of all, this label printer comes complete with a color touchscreen control panel that makes operation quick and easy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Media roll cartridge with auto part detection
  • 15-second media roll changeover
  • Ribbon cartridge with auto part detection
  • 5-second ribbon changeover
  • Color touchscreen control panel
  • Top-loading design
  • Double-sided PermaSleeve bridge
  • Media wiper arm
  • Sensors located in guides
  • Integrated auto cutter

With print smart technology, the printer, labels, ribbons, and software all work together for efficient label set up due to the smart chip embedded in the materials. It stores the material size, type, color, quantity, and compatibility. When installed, the chip sends that information to the printer and desktop software and auto-calibrates without wasting any labels.  You get fast material setup and creation without waste.

To learn more about the Brady i3300 Industrial Label Printer, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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