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Leader Lens: Bring Home the Gold

ByMike Smith


Throughout the year, all new Standard Electric associates attend a Gold Medal Customer Service training class. The purpose of the class is to reinforce the importance of customer service throughout the company to both internal and external customers. We chose the Gold Medal Olympic theme because it is a competition, like business, with participants striving to be the best. Our associates compete to be the best at supporting our customers in every way that they can and to raise the bar every time.

Businesses, like Olympic teams, start with selection of the best available people. Athletes train their minds and bodies to compete while our associates develop product knowledge and business skills to perform their jobs. Olympians learn plays and techniques that make them successful just as our associates learn ISO work processes. An ISO process approach is a management strategy which incorporates the plan-do-check-act cycle and risk-based thinking. It means that processes are managed and controlled. It also means that we not only understand what the core processes are, but we also consider how they fit together. Gold Medal winners succeed because they give everything they have to win. Standard Electric associates succeed by making every effort to serve the customer.

During the Gold Medal Customer Service training, we show an unusual organization chart. At the top is the customer. Right below working for the customer are the front-line service providers – account managers, customer service people, engineers, warehouse associates, etc. Right below the front-line service providers is our management team and so it continues until we reach the bottom of the organization chart with our President/Owner Larry Stern.

We earn a Gold Medal by being the customer’s number one supplier. And it's our front-line associates who are the people who compete every day to win that medal. Our management team are the coaches and trainers that prepare them to compete.

My job at Standard Electric is to help our associates BRING HOME THE GOLD!

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