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Cable Management Solutions for Industrial Facilities

ByCody Bohl


Contributing author: Scott Hough, Senior Account Manager, ABB Electrification

Thomas & Betts cable tray wiring systems offer significant advantages over conduit pipe and other wiring systems. Cable tray is less expensive, more reliable, more adaptable to changing needs, and easier to maintain. In addition, its design does not contribute to potential safety problems associated with other wiring systems.

An evaluation of the costs and benefits of various wiring systems should be done in the design phase. Unfortunately, many engineers who are unfamiliar with wiring systems avoid the system selection process or defer it until construction—often resulting in higher costs, scheduling delays and a system that will not meet future needs.

Selection of a wiring system that is not the most suitable for a particular application in terms of cost, potential corrosion and electrical considerations can lead to numerous problems, including excessive initial cost, poor design, faulty installation, extra maintenance, future power outages and unnecessary safety concerns.

T&B cable tray is a cost-effective solution compared to a conduit wiring system, with possible savings up to 60% (including conductor, material, and installation labor costs). Direct cost savings are easy to calculate during the design phase of an installation, but the enormous advantages of cable tray may accrue over time. The system’s reliability, adaptability, ease of maintenance, and inherent safety features results in many other types of cost savings including:

  • Lower engineering and maintenance costs
  • Less need to reconfigure system as needs change
  • Less down time for electrical and data handling systems
  • Fewer environmental problems resulting from loss of power to essential equipment

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