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Cold Weather Tips from Standard Electric!

ByCody Bohl

Contributing author: Mike Ubl, General Manager SEA and VCA

With the arctic blast that is grasping most of our areas, there are a few tips you should know for your home heating equipment.

In Wisconsin, heating calculations are based off of a low temperature point of 0oF. There is fudge factors built in for short periods below that, but not for what we are going to be facing over the next three days. So, here goes:

  • If you have a high efficiency furnace, it would be a good idea to NOT set back your thermostats at night or during the day during this blast. Most everybody by now has a high efficiency furnace, and you would know it if you have two PVC pipes from your furnace to the outside of your home. Some older systems may only have one. The logic behind this is that if you set your thermostats back at night, there is a good chance that your heating system may not recover and come up to temperature. Yes, it will cost more for a few days, but having all of your walls and furniture heated up will help your system to stay at temperature longer. Some HVAC people are suggesting setting your temp a degree or two warmer and lock it in for a few days.
  • Unless you have a very new house with a ton of insulation, it would be a good idea to open your cupboards by your sinks (on exterior walls) to allow the room air to keep your pipes from freezing. This would be especially helpful for older homes or sinks on exterior walls that face West or North.
  • Finally, with all the blowing snow, keep a close eye on those plastic pipes that go outside from your furnace. These pipes carry the air from the outside for your flames in your furnace and the fumes going out FROM your furnace. If these pipes get clogged, best case is that your furnace will shut down, worst case is a buildup of carbon monoxide in your house. Neither are good options.

Anyway, it’s going to be a rough go of it for a few days and having a heat issue would not be pleasant.

Good luck, stay warm, and remember that we are only about seven weeks away from SPRING.

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