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Connect Motors Faster with the Nimbus4Flex Motors by ILSCO

ByDan Giebel

Contributing author: Bobby Hall, JF Nolan & Associates

For fast and easy motor connections, ILSCO features the Nimbus motors, a pre-insulated solution using patented, torque compensating screws to ensure a reliable connection. With the exclusive and unique configuration of these new “shapes”, Nimbus4Flex now has some of the greatest flexibility of any pre-insulated connector series on the market today.

Nimbus4Flex motors help to remove the clutter of taped wires and will solve space constraints when working in small panels or wiring troughs.

With color coded screw caps and embossed lettering, the Nimbus4Flex motors are sure to simplify motor hookup. Additional features of the Nimbus4Flex motors include:

  • Easy installation (torque wrench with internal hex drive)
  • Prefilled with De-Ox oxide inhibiting compound to prevent oxides from forming
  • UL 486A/B Listed for 600 volts, 90 degrees Celsius
  • Dual rated for use with copper, copper flex, or aluminum conductors
  • Designed for use with fine stranded conductor which is ideal for motor wiring connections

Additionally, their patented screw design improves vibration resistance, compresses conductor without damage, and eliminates the need for ferrules, making them reusable.


For more information, review the Nimbus4Flex Motors flyer HERE. Contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager, visit or call 1-800-776-8222 for more details.

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