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Crimp Smarter with the Smart® Tool+

ByGriffin Buckley


Smart® Tool+

Contributing author: Bill Antrim, Vision Control & Automation

This exciting new product from ABB brings more to the table than just its sleek exterior. The Smart® Tool+ was designed to cleanly deliver a secure and perfect crimp every time, ensuring consistency and quality in day to day work. Match that with its Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity, and you’re dealing with the latest in crimping technology.

This powerful tool delivers a crimping force up to 6.5 tons and weighs-in under 10 lbs without the battery pack, providing maneuvering ease. The Smart® Tool+ utilizes an RFID scanner to identify the ideal crimp and log data for later reporting with the help of ABB’s color-keyed connectors. These lugs are designed with an embedded sensor that communicates and tracks information to be uploaded to an online database after the job is complete. For a better look at the Smart® Tool+ app and its capabilities, visit ABB’s YouTube channel.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dieless crimping system
  • Lightweight inline design
  • UL 486 compliant with single crimp
  • 3/0 – 750 CU and 1/0 to 600 AL range
  • Backward compatible for standard lugs


  • Critical power
  • Data centers
  • OEM switch gear and power critical equipment
  • Critical asset installations

Save time and energy on your next job by choosing ABB’s Smart® Tool+. For more on the power of the Smart® Tool+, reach out to one of our Account Managers or Engineer Team!

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