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DRIVEFLEX VFD Cable Series from Lutze

ByJacob Diker


Standard Electric and LUTZE are proud to present the DRIVEFLEX® VFD cable series. These cables are designed to meet the unique electrical challenges in VFD and Servo applications. All DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables use a special formulation of cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE), providing excellent electrical characteristics while maintaining the utmost flexibility for a drive cable.

Key Advantages

  • Thermoset insulation designed to cope with power distortions in VFD applications
  • UL listed type "Flexible VFD Servo Cable, Flexible Motor Supply Cable"
  • Superior electrical values for VFD applications
  • Flexible for easy routing and installation


The most flexible VFD Cable in its class for the easiest handling and installation. It is engineered for optimal VFD performance, motor efficiency and noise reduction. Coming with a rugged design for long life span in harsh industrial environments. DRIVEFLEX® cables are also UL listed for use in a wide variety of application areas.


  • Dual-shielded motor supply cable to connect power to 3-phase motors, VFD’s and servo drives
  • Cable design for harsh industrial environments and operating conditions with high noise levels
  • Thermoset XLPE insulation offering superior overload and short-circuit temperature
  • Type XHHW-2 insulation offering smaller ODs for general VFD applications
  • Increased wall thickness insulation type RHW-2, offering lower capacitance and higher impedance making it ideal for applications with high voltage spikes and long cable runs.
  • Compliant with NFPA 79 requirements
  • TC-ER-JP for use with cable trays without conduit, which can reduce installation costs in industrial environments.
  • WTTC – wind turbine tray cable rating for use in wind power generation
  • Dry, damp, or wet conditions


  • Flexible XLPE conductor design
  • High insulation design
  • Low capacitance resistance
  • Effective dual layer shield for EMC compliance
  • Oil resistant jacket designed for easy stripping.
  • Non-wicking fillers
  • Ecolab certified resistance to common cleaning agents and chemicals used in food and beverage washdown procedures.
  • Crush impact resistant
  • Gas/vapor-tight sheath per UL 1277
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Direct burial
  • Talc and silicone free


  • AWG conductor
  • Class K flexible fine wire stranded tunned copper conductors for improved electrical characteristics and reduced oxidation
  • Thermoset XLPE insulation, WetDry (depends on specific cable)
  • Shielded with foil tape, tinned copper braid with > 80% optical coverage and drain wire
  • Oil resistant PVC jacket
  • Black jacket similar to RAL 9005

To learn more about the LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® VFD cable series, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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