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Durable Design with Safety in Mind, Learn about GracePort+

ByClayton Larson

Contributing author: Shannon Evans, Channel Marketing Coordinator with Grace Engineered Products

Keeping people safe and assets secure, GracePort+ is a UL Recognized large housing that protects Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and other valuable electrical components with the added benefit of including other GracePort components.

Robust polycarbonate cover and corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel hinge pin design aides in protecting from environmental contaminants such as UV, dirt, dust, oil, and water.

The padlockable housing adds an additional layer of protection by only allowing authorized personnel to conveniently access GracePort+ enclosed components.

GracePort+ boasts a plethora of application ideas:

  • Ideal for covering and protecting HMIs and instruments through an enclosure wall with thickness from 16 gauge through 1/4” while maintaining all applicable standards and classifications
  • No need to open the enclosure to view electronics or perform maintenance, decreasing arc flash risks and safety hazards.
  • Suitable for protecting power relays and VFD touch panels


Customization of the GracePort+ provides the ability to select specific configurations to meet precise needs with Grace’s line of PESDs and GracePort components. Customers can also request special text and company logos to be printed on the faceplate. The faceplates can also be customized to provide housing for many leading manufacturer’s HMIs. GracePort+ also allows for flexible mounting with hinges on the top, bottom, left, or right along with padlockable capability.


To learn more about GracePort+ and see the specifications, view the full brochure HERE or contact a Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager at 1-800-318-4618.

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