AcquireENGINEER SPOTLIGHT: Todd Mogensen | Standard Electric Supply Co.
Standard Electric Supply Co.


ByGriffin Buckley


In November 2019, Todd Mogensen joined Standard Electric in his role as Application Specialist with SE Automation. There he dedicates his time to helping customers implement new solutions and solving machine issues.

It’s the unexpected nature and vastness of projects that attracted Mogensen to his role with Standard Electric. His persistence and knack for solving problems is especially helpful when tackling customer’s problems.

“I like helping out customers with machine issues directly on site. Solving the problem and coming up with a solution that wasn't thought of already makes this very enjoyable. It’s fun when a customer succeeds by meeting a timeline or fixing something that wasn't working. It helps build better relationships with our customers.” With over 26 years’ experience as an engineer, Mogensen has been able to find balance with his stance on work and personal time. “I'm a firm believer that when you are at work, you should be putting in 100% and doing the best job you can. On the flip side, when you aren't at work, you should be doing the same for family, friends and yourself. A good balance helps keep ME excited and engaged in both directions.”

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