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Exciting Takeaways from the Rittal AX/KX Launch

ByGriffin Buckley


Rittal's AX/KX Enclosure Launch

The latest launch from Rittal comes in the form of new compact and small enclosures, the AX and KX.

Created with IIoT processes in mind, the AX and KX are simple enclosures that utilize online digital configuration, accessory selection, and consistent data quality with the addition of QR codes. This makes the newer models a faster and easier enclosure solution.

With advancements in pre-production, what are the major takeaways from Rittal’s new line?


Industry 4.0

The biggest feature by far is the incorporation of Industry 4.0 automation and digitization. The AX and KX lines follow in the footsteps of Rittal’s baying enclosure system VX25 by closing the gap of lines using these Industry 4.0 principles. With this newer technology incorporated, Rittal makes compact and small enclosure specifications a time-saving and efficient process.

Simple, Flexible, and Safe Assembly

The AX and KX lines prove their ease of use with panels capable of being removed individually unlike standard disassembly seen in other Rittal units. These highly modular and flexible enclosures make it easy to screw in wall mounting brackets without impacting protection ratings as well as install doors and cam locks without the need for tools.

As Rittal moves in the direction of these Industry 4.0 incorporated enclosures, it’s a big step in creating time-saving solutions.

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