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HellermannTyton Ratchet P-Clamp: Faster Installation & Easier Maintenance

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and HellermannTyton are introducing the newest and largest member of the Ratchet P-Clamp family.  It features an adjustable ratchet clamp mechanism and is offered in five sizes with multiple mounting options. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to lower costs, reduce inventory, and streamline workflow. The Ratchet P-Clamps more than meet those requirements as they are engineered for heavy-duty applications, indoors and out, that require extra-large bundling capacity.

The new F-size RPC accommodates wire harnesses, cables, and tubes between 2.5-in. and 3-in. diameters. They are perfect for machines and equipment used in the Paper and Pulp Industry, as the one-piece adjustable clamp can be closed by hand to the desired diameter, reducing the number of clamps in your inventory.

Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured from Impact modified, heat-and-UV stabilized PA66
  • No coating to wear away over time
  • Mounting plate style available in zinc-plated steel for standard applications or stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Allows for pre-installation on the harness and alignment in the final mounting position
  • Allows for pre-installation and alignment on the work surface
  • Adjusts to close at the exact diameter and tension desired
  • Aligns wires to the center as they are secured, reducing pinching
  • Can be closed manually or with an EVO® Series Hand Tool and Tension Tabs

HellermannTyton engineers are leading the charge with ingenious ways to eliminate unnecessary hardware and additional parts, as well as creating solutions that reduce part count.  In fact, the Ratchet P-Clamp was inspired by customer demand for a lightweight, versatile, lower-cost alternative to old-fashioned, cumbersome P-clamps.  The durable, reliable fasteners stay put without the use of screws and tools, thereby boosting productivity and reducing strain on personnel.

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