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Hot Products: January

ByGriffin Buckley


January's Hot Products

Our Hot Products blog features new and buzz worthy products that we receive from our suppliers. See something you like? Give us a call and let's talk about it: 888-920-5572

Hubbell Stainless Steel Back Boxes

Hubbell has recently announced the release of their stainless steel back box line for pin and sleeve receptacles. These back boxes support hygienic best practices with applications in food processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, water processing, beverage and bottling, and dairy.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Built to withstand wet and harsh environments
  • Sloped design minimizes horizontal surfaces, making it easier to clean
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Cooling Things Down and Heating Them Back Up with the 7T Series from Finder

Finder’s new heating and ventilation panel thermostats help improve the component reliability and accuracy through their enhanced temperature settings and controls. These energy conscious controls are small and compact, saving needed space in an already crowded panel design. Through temperature regulation, the 7T Series extends the functionality and product life of other components within panels and enclosures. This eliminates any worry around product climate requirements.  


  • Small, compact size (17.5 mm wide)
  • Snap action themostatic Bimetal sensor
  • Wide temperature setting range
  • 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount
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Siemens Control Products: The Innovative SIRIUS Line

Siemens offers the largest available switching device portfolio in the market with their SIRIUS control product line. With more than 50,000 combinations, this line of contactors, overload relays, and combination starters fit seamlessly together to provide a transition from digital to actual control cabinet construction.

Siemen’s dedication to efficiency, flexibility, and quality make the SIRIUS line a simple and highly-effective solution on the market for control cabinets

NOTE: Siemens products are sold through Standard Electric's sister company, SE Automation, in the territories of Wisconsin and Central Illinois.

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Sensor Detection and Monitoring with Baumer

These adaptive trigger sensors from Baumer allow you to monitor liquids and solids for the sake of level detections. With 360 degree visible LED and IO-Link interface, the CleverLevel PL20H is perfect for notifying and transmitting alerts in the event of a leak, breakdown, or system malfunction.

These sensors ensure a continuous production process without unnecessary stops. This can be especially helpful when encountering liquid overflows or shortages.


    • Optional analog output
    • 360 degree visible multicolor LED lighting
    • Two adjustable switching outputs
    • 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount
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