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Hubbell 30A Manual Motor Controllers: More Room, Less Problems

ByPeter Mau


Standard Electric and Hubbell are proud to present the 30A Manual Motor Controller for standard FD boxes with #10AWG. The size of this new design compacts the 30 A by  34%, allowing a simple and irresistible installation process. This new controller is ideal for industrial fans, agricultural irrigation, and general construction applications just to name a few.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 20HP rating
  • Minimum of 6,000 cycles
  • 10kA SCCR when protected by 60A RK5 fuse
  • Listed to UL 60947-4-1 (supersedes UL 508)

Upon inspection, you discover the amount of open space available for additional applications, such as increased wire capacity and wiring room, and an overall improvement in ease of installment. Additionally, when the 30A is protected by a 60A RK5 fuse, the circuit rating lands at 10 kA, which doubles the expected performance.

What else is there to say, but, "More Room, Less Problems".

To learn more about the 30A Manual Motor Controllers from Hubbell, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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