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Hubbell Advantage Pin & Sleeve with Auxiliary Contacts: Better Than Ever!


ByLauren Willman

Standard Electric and Hubbell are announcing the new Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated Pin and Sleeve Connectors with Auxiliary Contacts.  Hubbell has taken their highest-performing plugs, connectors, and receptacles, and made them even better, by taking the existing pin and sleeve devices and increasing the horsepower ratings. They also added the switching capabilities of a general-purpose branched disconnect, as well as wrapping them up in a compact design.  The ultimate in safety, these devices are approved for both motor and branch circuit disconnects and now provide the ability to communicate with VFDs and other auxiliary equipment.

Advantage™ Series connectors are designed to provide safe and reliable electrical connections in a variety of applications ranging from commercial to heavy-duty industrial. The UL Type 4X, 12 and IP69K environmental ratings protect the power circuit from water and dust making it ideal for industries such as food and beverage, water processing, manufacturing, agriculture, and much more.

Features & Benefits:

  • UL 2682 switch-rated device approved as a motor and branch disconnect
  • Optional normally open (NO) auxiliary contacts rated at 10A 120V AC/24V DC can be used to communicate to auxiliary devices
  • 30A devices are available with 3 auxiliary contacts and 60A are available with 4 auxiliary contacts
  • The unswitched feed-thru ground is first to mate and last to break
  • Auxiliary contacts provided with 14AWG wire leads for easy termination

Oversized ground contact is clocked at either a 5 or 7 o'clock position. Offering different clocking positions supports facilities that have auxiliary applications at two different voltages. For safety, the unswitched feed-thru ground is first to mate and last to break.

Click here to download the Hubbell Advantage™ Pin and Sleeve with Auxiliary Contacts brochure for more information.

To learn more about Hubbell’s Advantage Series Switch-Rated Pin and Sleeve Connectors with Auxiliary Contacts, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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