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Hubbell Aluminum Ladder Tray: Connect and Protect


ByAustin Fox

Standard Electric and Hubbell are pleased to announce the new Aluminum Ladder Tray system. The system is a highly effective indoor and outdoor cable and piping distribution management solution. The Aluminum Ladder Tray will provide your customers with optimum protection and accessibility for infrastructure components without sagging, or the need for secondary supports. Potential customer markets include chemical plants, pharmaceutical operations, offshore oil platforms, data centers, distribution centers and warehouses, power substations, large campuses with central power and operation strategies, and manufacturing facilities of all kinds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Listed to NEMA VE 1 to allow for maximum spans and weight loading
  • For use indoors and outside in harsh environments
  • Rungs are welded to stringers for strength and continuity

The system is part of a complete Hubbell solution for our customers’ wire, cable, hose, and piping support needs. Now you can specify all levels of solutions including light-duty telco ladders, medium-duty wire basket trays, and heavy-duty aluminum ladder trays all on a single invoice.

To learn more about Hubbell's Aluminum Ladder Tray, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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