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Hubbell Circuit Lock Motor Disconnects: Controller & Disconnect in 1-Unit


ByLauren Willman

Standard Electric and Hubbell are offering Circuit Lock Motor Disconnects specifically designed to meet the challenges of the Pulp and Paper Industry.  The industry requires electrical devices that can stand up to water, corrosive environments, dust, grit, etc., and this product is a perfect fit.  Since the Lock Motor’s operating performance of controller and disconnect is with one switch, safety and optimum uptime and productivity are also increased.  Motor controllers activate motor loads on and off and isolate equipment from other loads as needed. Disconnects safely terminate circuit power to equipment for easy servicing. In addition, they have been tested to withstand high fault short circuits to remain operational following overloads. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Rated to withstand 10,000-amp high fault short circuits for maximum safety
  • Smaller-sized switches & variety of NEMA type enclosures
  • NEC conformance
  • Top horsepower & high amperage ratings
  • High visibility red handle seen across the plant floor
  • Meets OSHA lock-out/tag-out standards
  • Flexible/contract communication options available

Hubbell’s innovative Circuit-Lock product line exceeds all industry requirements to ensure premium performance.  Available as a component switch or preassembled into a variety of NEMA-rated enclosures. Circuit-Lock motor controllers/disconnects provide both the size and fit for maximum flexibility and efficiency.  They literally can be used in a variety of areas, such as washdown areas, conveyors, and even outside. Click here to download the brochure for more information on Hubbell's Circuit Lock Motor Disconnects.

For more information on Hubbell's Paper & Pulp Solutions, click here to download the brochure.

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