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IIoT, Risk Meet Reward

ByMike Wojda


Risk ...Meet Reward!

With all the talk about the advantages of utilizing the IIoT infrastructure, the big unknown for most is the undefined costs, or Risk, to achieve even modest goals or rewards.

Many organizations get hung up on pre-planning and trying to address complex answers to questions, that frankly, are not clearly defined or their impact fully understood prior to implementation.

Let’s take the perceived risk out of the equation, and flip the challenge around for simplicity.

What can I do for >$600:
  • Remote access to your machine for support and diagnostics anywhere in the world
    • OEM support Team, without airplane tickets or travel
    • Plant support team, 24 hour response from off-site locations
  • Mobile visualization of machine status and HMI screens1
  • Simple email messaging
What can I do for >$1000(all of the above plus):
  • Complex Alarming and messaging , through common Industrial Interfaces and/or discrete I/O
  • Data Logging and pushing Data to common servers (SQL, AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Custom virtual HMI and visualizations
Start Simple, Solve Problems and see where it may lead you to greater Rewards. Contact your Standard Electric team member today! 1 remote view and connect to your devices via Ethernet. May include HMI’s, PLC’s, PC’s and more, on your phone, tablet or PC.

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