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The Smart Upgrade: Dialight IntelliLED Wireless Controls

ByCody Bohl


Contributing Author: Bobby Hall, JF Nolan & Associates; Thomas Latanision, Dialight

Get the most out of your facility by using the lighting infrastructure that is already in place to do more than just light the space.

Dialight’s IntelliLEDTM wireless controls is a connected industrial lighting platform that includes wireless sensors, connected high bay, gateway controller, and an enterprise server.

The Dialight IntelliLEDTM system was designed with factory and building automation in mind and is the premiere industrial lighting system that can seamlessly integrate with existing industrial automation.

Dialight’s IntelliLEDTM Wireless Controls dramatically improve safety, productivity and energy utilization.

Advantages of the Dialight IntelliLEDTM system include:

  • Reports that track and download run-time, real-time energy usage, and lamp hours
  • Custom alerts, available via text and email that provide system status
  • Fully Customizable lighting schedules
  • Grouping of light fixtures to control different areas in a facility
  • Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors to conserve energy
  • Easy to use dimming feature
  • Instant on and off capabilities with the touch of a button

The Dialight IntelliLEDTM IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform takes the best-in-class industrial LED lighting to the next level - offering granular control and system-wide visibility to the information you need to identify and reduce risk, optimize site safety & productivity, measure performance and adapt to the future.

These superior fixtures lead to material cost savings due to the long lifespan of the fixtures with fewer disruptions to plant operations for maintenance. There is potential for fewer fixtures to light a space and is environmentally conscious, and energy efficient technology.

If you’re looking to unlock greater savings and maximize site-wide safety and productivity with customized, intelligent lighting Dialight’s IntelliLEDTM wireless controls is perfect for your company.

To learn more information and specifics about the Dialight IntelliLEDTM wireless controls, download the Dialight Controls Brochure.

If you have additional questions, contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager or call 1-800-776-8222. See our full line of Dialight's products on our website.

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