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Littelfuse PSX Fast-Acting High-Speed Fuses: Mighty Small & Powerful!

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Littelfuse are offering new PSX Fast-Acting High-Speed Fuses designed to protect battery energy storage systems (BESS), photovoltaic inverters, and multiple DC applications.  The Littelfuse fuses protect equipment and systems in the Pulp and Paper Industry, where critical power electronics must be protected from costly catastrophic system failures due to overcurrents.  True to its name, the PSX fuses are extremely fast-acting, offering high-speed performance up to 1500 V dc, and ranging from 80 A to 1400 A in the smallest NH XL package sizes. The PSX series is available with multiple mounting terminations including flush-end, DIN, and bolted-blade styles. Visual blown fuse indication is standard on all fuses and an optional micro-switch is available for external indication. The PSX series is certified to UL248-13 and designed to meet EN high-speed semiconductor fuse and upcoming battery protection fuse standards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low watt loss
  • Compact size
  • DC breaking capacity up to 250 kA at 1500 V dc
  • Three terminations
  • Low minimum breaking capacity
  • Prevents energy loss & minimizes wasted power from components
  • Protects highest rated dc battery energy storage systems
  • Mountings allow more versatility

The Littelfuse PSX series high-speed fuses are reliable, very fast-acting devices that can reduce the amount of short circuit current and improve the life of power semiconductor devices.

Click here to download the PSX Series High-Speed Fuses brochure.

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