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LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® Cable for VFD and Motor Applications

ByGriffin Buckley


LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® cables are a safer and more efficient solution compared to traditional PVC/Nylon power tray cables or THHN wires in conduit. With DRIVEFLEX® XLPE insulation, you’ll receive a low capacitance, high impedance, and high voltage breakthrough resistance.

LUTZE’s XLPE insulation is a superior choice for VFD applications with pulse width modulation (PWM) to cope with high voltage spikes and power distortions from the VFD output. By shielding VFD cables, you can help mitigate electrical noise, decreasing shaft voltage and motor bearing failures.

Takeaways of LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® Cables:  

  • These cables are designed to cope with the power distortions in VFD applications
  • UL listed type “Flexible VFD Servo Cable, Flexible Motor Supply Cable” to comply with codes and standards regarding electrical wiring of VFDs
  • DRIVEFLEX® Cables provide superior electrical values for VFD applications
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