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Schneider Modicon M262 – A Connectivity Doorway

ByCody Bohl


Contributing author: Lisa Brewer, Channel Sales Engineer, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s Modicon M262 is a new, highly intelligent and flexible machine controller, which plays an important role in the overall IIoT-ready architecture called EcoStruxure Machine. Modicon M262 sits in the middle level of this architecture as an edge controller, which links to both connected products and to critical data analytics apps. Smart devices gather important performance data, utilize that data to optimize machine performance, and then analyze that data to predict trends.

The Modicon M262 is also analytics-friendly, both supplying and accessing data, so that operators can enhance both operational efficiency and drive unprecedented productivity. This open digitization framework allows machine builders to drive productivity and competitiveness via embedded connectivity to the cloud. Machine builders can now maintain, and even reprogram, machines thousands of miles away without leaving their home country.

IIoT is accelerating end user demand for technical support of industrial machines located across the globe. New, IIoT-ready digitized technologies, such as the Modicon M262 controller, address this requirement by providing cybersecure connectivity, data management and visibility to remote machines.

The Modicon M262 is designed and shipped with embedded cloud connectivity. No gateways are required. This opens the door to machine builders for managing both overall equipment efficiency and predictive maintenance, in a secure manner, without having to send engineers to remote end user sites.

Additionally, the Modicon M262 is designed to leverage digitization speed and flexibility benefits by providing both logic and motion control functions in one controller. With built-in connectivity to both the cloud, to I/O systems, and to drives, the Modicon M262 acts as a key edge control element, linking apps to smart devices.

Modicon M262 also provides the ability to support multiple networks within one machine. Users often require one network to run their machine, another to connect machines to each other, and a third to connect to a plant management system. Through support of multiple networks, the Modicon M262 helps end users avoid the issue of having one congested network that negatively impacts performance of their machine.

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