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Our Modification Centers Are Where the Magic Happens

ByGriffin Buckley


At Standard Electric, we operate two modification centers that bring enclosure solutions and stock closer to our customer’s doors. By strategically placing these locations in Wisconsin and Illinois we’re able to meet demands faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Using a Standard Electric Modification Center

Readily Available Stock

Thanks to our Platinum Supplier standing with Rittal, we stock over $600,000 of Rittal inventory in our warehouses to ensure that we have the necessary product on-hand when you need it. We know receiving products in a timely manner is a high priority for our customers so we do everything in our power to make sure they have the tools to be successful.

System Recommendations

Our services don’t stop at the exterior of the enclosure. Our team of engineers is here to help you fill and spec the inside of your enclosure with the products you need to hit the ground running. We’ll help you size air conditioners and climate control solutions so your controls are protected from both heat and the outside environment.

In-House Project Oversight

By modifying enclosures in-house, we retain complete control over the project from start to finish. This allows our engineers to monitor and assess all modifications, ensuring the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Superior Support

Our engineers can assist anywhere from finding you the perfect enclosure to getting you set-up with painted enclosures and cut-outs. The modification shop team works hard to bring your project needs to fruition in a timely and proactive manner. Thanks to these two locations, Standard Electric offers high-value services to customers seeking enclosure solutions. For more information on enclosure services and our Rittal Platinum status, download Standard Electric’s Enclosure Modification Brochure and Rittal Platinum Services Line Card, today!

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