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Lutze MotionFlex Control Cables: Flexing & Twisting

ByLauren Willman


Flexing and twisting are no longer confined to your neighborhood gym! With the introduction of LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® Control Cables that are designed specifically for linear motion, torsional twisting, and cable tray installation, you get the flexibility long needed for continuous motion applications!


  • State-of-the-art cabling solution
  • Approved for plant and machine level installations
  • Versatility permits its use in a wide-variety of industrial applications
  • Cables capable of withstanding repetitive directional motion and repetitive stress
  • Available in unshielded (A422 Series) and shielded (A421 Series) designs, from 18AWG to 10AWG with t to 12 conductors.  Unshielded A422 cables have been tested to surpass 5 million linear cycles and 2 million torsional cycles at ±180°/m, shielded A421 cables achieve the same cycle ratings at ±120 /m.°
  • Functions well under the harshest industrial environments due to TPE (thermoplastic elastomer material) jacket, as it reliably withstands mechanical loads and well as external influences such as chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight

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