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What You Need to Know About Lock Out Tag Out

ByGriffin Buckley

In a world full of uncertainty, feel comfortable knowing you’ve provided a clear and visible solution to protect your workers.

Hazardous Energy

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, defines “Lockout/Tagout” as practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.

The reality of an unexpected release of hazardous energy is worrying and carries an extreme potential for grave or fatal injury in the workplace. One instance can leave a company facing major personal and legal ramifications due to improper shutdown and lockdown procedures.

As machine maintenance and service is unavoidable, it’s important to ensure there are standard procedures established to prevent aforementioned injury.


Although either can exist without the other clear and legible warning signage and locking devices provide the ultimate protection either in combination or separately.

Over the years the traditional safety padlock has undergone a variety of transformations and upgrades to better suit a lockout procedure environment. Many are now available in a range of colors, sizes, materials, and master key accessibility making it easy to distinguish and organize access across plant floors.


An important part of working in any factory or production line is bold and visible signage. Whether it’s notifications of high voltage zones, confined spaces, or tags to mark machines as under maintenance, signage plays an important role keeping workers safe.

Ensuring machines are properly labeled during the event of a lockout or machine maintenance is vital to safety of maintenance workers and others in the vicinity. Good tagouts are hard to overlook, often in bright red to signify danger or warning to those who might be attempting to resume machine operations. By labeling and tagging machines, you add another layer of protection to avoid serious or fatal injury.

Solutions - Brady's SafeKey Lockout Padlocks

Products like Brady’s SafeKey pad locks take a traditional locking concept even further, providing up to 700% more unique key codes for complete machine shutdown security. This is done using two side-locking bars for an additional level of security and uniqueness to each key and padlock. With fast identifications and low-friction locking mechanisms, your lock-down procedures will become a safe and seamless routine.


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