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A Low-Cost Gateway for Industrial Automation

ByCody Bohl


Contributing author: Linda Wardell, Channel Distribution Sales Representative, Hilscher

Hilscher’s netTAP 50 Gateway is a fast and economical way to provide integration and data conversion of a single field device into any higher-level network.

A protocol converter for simple conversions, netTAP 50 converts 1-port Real-Time Ethernet, fieldbus and serial automation protocols. Slave to slave or slave to master conversions are supported. As a master, netTAP 50 provides full master functionality to one slave device only. This makes it easy to integrate a single field device into any higher-level network.

netTAP is configured and diagnosed by the universal FDT/DTM technology-based configuration tool LED indicators are visualizing status information for rapid on-site diagnostics. The protocol conversions are preprogrammed and loaded as firmware into the device on demand. Conversions needing the same physical network interface can be managed by a single device variant. So, a device can be for example a PROFIBUS slave on one hand or a PROFIBUS master by a simple firmware change on the other.

To learn more about Hilscher’s netTAP 50 Gateway, download the data sheet.

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