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Next-generation Configuration Software Providing Best-in-Class User Experience

ByDerek Milz


Solutions Made Simple with T&B Liquidtight Systems

Contributing author: Sana Siddiqui, Product Manager with Schneider Electric

Schneider’s Vijeo XD supports designers and operators to maximize efficiency through modern functionalities and user-friendly features.

Vijeo XD can help reduce downtime and shorten design time:

  • Minimize design time with navigation, theme templates, and zoom and scroll pages
  • Reduce downtime as project modifications and script debugs can be performed during simulation and commissioning
  • Upgrade software without download in online mode

Vijeo XD also has a highly intuitive interface:

  • With special navigation features like scrolling panel and zoom in/zoom out panels, more information can be accessed and viewed in a single page
  • Multi-touch zoom in/zoom out, pinch, slide, and stretch options for enhanced user experience
  • Information-rich objects providing easy and direct access to device information and database


If you would like to learn more about Vijeo XD or other Schneider products, please contact your account manager or visit You can also call 1-800-318-4618 for more information.

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