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The Next-Generation Stud Mount Cable Tie

ByCody Bohl


Contributing Author: Heidi Bontempo, Event and Distribution Marketing Manager, HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton, an industry-leading solutions provider to the automotive, truck, and heavy equipment industries, introduces a new, high-performance line of Stud Mount Cable Ties. These fasteners bundle wires, cables or hoses and then mount to a threaded stud or bolt with a simple press.

Highlighting this particular series is a four-pawl, three-tooth head design that provides easy installs and outstanding stud retention. They offer some of the lowest insertion force requirements in the category while delivering a solution up to an 80-pound rating.

Many of today’s advanced engines are producing more horsepower and torque than ever before. The additional heat under the hood necessitates bundling and routing components that can take the abuse and keep on performing. These stud mount cable ties are made from high impact modified, heat and UV stabilized PA66, and options are also available in high-heat materials for elevated temperature applications.

  • Stud Mount Ties – Offer outstanding stud retention and are covered at the top of the studs for protection from stud end
  • Two-Piece Stud Mount Ties - Unique two-piece design that allows routing to be above, parallel, or perpendicular to stud
  • Offset Stud Mount Ties – Features an offset design, which positions bundles away from obstructions, heat, or sources of abrasion
  • Low-Profile Stud Mount Ties - Features a low-profile head, allowing multiple tie mounts to be stacked on a single bolt
  • Offset Low-Profile Stud Mount Ties - Offset design positions bundles away from obstructions, heat, or sources of abrasion and features a low-profile head that provides space savings in tight areas

To learn more information and specifics about the HellermannTyton Stud Mount Cable Ties, download the full brochure.

If you have additional questions, contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager or call 1-800-776-8222. See our full line of HellermannTyton products on our website.

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