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NOT ANOTHER WEBINAR! Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes!

ByJoanne Moss


In this season of webinar overload, why should you attend Tech Talks and Standard Electric University?

Since COVID-19 disrupted our work lives, your email inbox has been overrun with webinar invitations from every manufacturer and supplier you have ever spoken to or purchased from. While at first many of us availed ourselves of the opportunities to learn more about products and services, now we are just experiencing webinar FATIGUE.

As you may know, Standard Electric has been offering bimonthly webinars through our Standard Electric University program for quite a while. Additionally, we added a weekly Wednesday morning Tech Talks; a 30-minute webinar featuring our own engineers sharing their areas of expertise. We did this not to add noise to your already busy inbox – we are certain this is one of the best ways to continue the exceptional service you are accustomed to from us.

So, here are the top three reasons that you DON’T want to miss a Standard Electric University webinar or Tech Talk.

We know you and you know us – We don’t have a random product manager or salesperson from “corporate” presenting our information. The application engineer you spoke with just last week is the one doing the teaching. This means we know you and your company and can tailor our class to your needs.

It’s small and interactive – and we keep the mute button OFF. Our Tech Talks have between 20 and 30 people in attendance. Because they are small and interactive, you can ask questions and get the responses you need for your applications.

We are seeking out a LTR (long term relationship) – We are available after the webinar, the next day, week, or month for questions and further assistance. If you need us to follow up with samples or would like us to look at your situation in house, we are available for you through our Engineering Support team. Just say the word!

Next time we send you an invite, it’s not just ANOTHER webinar. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more and for us to serve you as your trusted advisor.

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