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Omni Belden SpaceMaker Series Electronic Wire and Cable

ByGriffin Buckley


Why Your Next Space-Saving Solution is the SpaceMaker

With Belden’s SpaceMaker Series, cable and wiring just got smaller and more efficient. Thanks to Belden’s cable design, you save up to 52% of diameter space, making it easier to route cables through hard-to-reach spaces.

These narrow, flexible cables provide added protection in operating conditions, including those where installation is exposed to harsh industrial settings.


  • Run more cables in existing space or eliminate excess space from designs
  • Simplify installation by routing cables around tight corners or in hard to reach spaces more easily
  • Reduce maintenance cost while protecting against downtime
  • Maintain peace of mind even when installation is exposed to liquids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical exposure and heavy vibration
  • Up to 52% reduced cable area compared to industry-standard electronic cables
  • Up to 74% tighter bend radius compared to industry-standard electronic cables
  • NFPA 79 Suitable
Belden’s SpaceMaker Series is the perfect compact and space-saving solution for your machine builders and equipment manufacturers.

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