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Omni Cable, A One-Stop Shop for Wire and Cable Needs

ByJay Van Geffen

Contributing author: Chris Emmett, Regional Manager for Omni Cable

Omni Cable has been a market leader since 1977 and ­has been able to adjust to both product needs and the need for project management. They have an extensive inventory and can be your “One-Stop Shop” for all of the wire and cable needed for a project.

Standard Electric’s goal is to make our customers more profitable. That is why our inventory management solutions are designed around your business. We help you reduce downtime and increase productivity through keeping your inventory costs down. We will monitor your inventory and provide automatic replenishment at your facility.

Together, Standard Electric and Omni Cable can save you time and procurement costs through helping manage your inventory levels. Take a look the following case study to see how Omni Cable helped improve efficiency with their wire center management services.

Customer Challenge

A Global manufacturer of Wide Web Printing Presses was experiencing material management challenges within their wire center. The company designs, fabricates, and assembles their products in a 200,000 square foot facility. Continuous introduction of new customer solutions caused their specialty wire cable demands to increase. The customer was sourcing many types of specialty products from multiple vendor sources, each supplier providing product in a variety of packaging, none of which was consistent or predictable. Their wire center became over run with hundreds of spools, coils, and boxes of wire and cable used in their assembly and manufacturing processes.

The company partnered with their Electrical Distributor and Omni Cable to develop a solution to organize their wire center and streamline material management processes as part of a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program.

Electrical Distributor and Omni Cable Solution

The Electrical Distributor and Omni Cable sales team reviewed the inventory in the current wire center to develop a better solution for wire storage and handling throughout their production facility. The current process had some cable types on large reels that were difficult to move to various work stations throughout the facility.  Many of the wire and cable products were on different sized reels making it difficult to identify products quickly and wasted valuable inventory space.

Omni Cable worked with their Electrical Distribution partner to develop a solution to re-spool the customer’s current inventory on like sized reels. The customer built bin space to match the new reel size in order to maximize the number of reels that could be stored in inventory. Barcode labels were created to provide the OEM’S part number, item number and cable type making cable identification more efficient. These spool sizes became part of the Electrical Distributor’s VMI program. This provided the OEM with a reordering process that guaranteed their wire and cable would be available and delivered according to these newly established standards.

Customer Benefits

  The Electrical Distributor’s VMI offering and Omni Cable’s wire and cable management services created improved material handling, enhanced product identification and a streamline re-ordering process. Plant floor efficiencies were improved, and on-hand inventory costs were reduced.

Solutions Offered

  • Custom spool sizes
  • Standard footage for bin locations
  • Quick turn around on requirements
  Together, Standard Electric Supply and Omni Cable can help you in a similar way. For more information, visit Omni Cable’s cable management webpage HERE or Standard Electric’s Inventory Management Solutions page HERE. Contact your Standard Electric Supply account manager or call 1-800-318-4618 to see how we can help.

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