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Part 1: So, What’s the Deal With Sustainability?

ByJoanne Moss


In this 3-part blog series, we will explore sustainability in our industry, our own commitments, and opportunities to adopt your own practices.

Do you know what feels good? All twenty of our top twenty manufacturing partners have sustainability and/or environmental statements that share their commitment and role in making our earth just that more livable and enduring! As you already know, Standard Electric has been around for over 100 years. We do our best for our customers business – bringing them the latest and greatest in industrial automation and electrical products. We offer several value-added services that help you operate with greater efficiency and maximizing your profits. And having sustainable business partners is just as valuable a corporate commitment to you, our customers, our associates, and our supplier partners.

Harvard Business School’s online article, “What does “sustainability” mean in business?” divides sustainability into two main categories:

  • The effect business has on the environment
  • The effect business has on society

This simple, yet important division covers all walks of business from the non-profit world to our very own industrial sector. In theory, if a company is focused and dedicated to making a difference in either of those areas, then they are practicing a form of sustainability.

Our supplier partners understand the importance of sustainability and have made those efforts a transparent part of their corporate culture. Read it for yourself:
  • ABB’s smart technologies are helping to meet many of the underlying targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the member states of the United Nations in 2016, the 17 SDGs are a blueprint for achieving peace and prosperity by 2030.
  • The Brady Corporation knows the products and services they provide have a profound impact on the environment. Because of their dedication and commitment to innovation, Brady takes proactive measures to secure green products and cleaning techniques that provide greater benefits to their clients.
  • Schneider Electric tracks their commitments and goals quarterly through the Schneider Sustainability Impact 2018 – 2020 (formerly called the Planet & Society barometer). The 2018 – 2020 Schneider Sustainability Impact shows Schneider’s commitments by 2020, as well as their contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by governments, companies, and civil society by 2030.
  • With Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio and our own environmental programs, we make an important contribution to resource and climate protection and strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.
Read more about Sustainability in Part 2: Why You Should Consider Committing to Sustainability.

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