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Part 2: Why You Should Consider Committing to Sustainability

ByJoanne Moss


In this 3-part blog series, we will explore sustainability in our industry, our own commitments, and opportunities to adopt your own practices.

Standard Electric has sustainability as a corporate priority in the same way our supplier partners do. We have worked hard to align our business practices with our philosophy:

  • We have installed LED lighting in our warehouse and office facilities to conserve energy.
  • Standard Electric has begun implementing solar power energy at its locations with installation complete on its corporate office in Milwaukee.
  • We recycle boxes and packaging materials to reduce total waste. Discontinued product is redistributed to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity with non-useable product channeled to local recycling centers.
  • We have a very visible and active wellness program with continual education on healthy eating and living habits. ( A few times a year we make associate and corporate donations to Feeding America in each of our locations to support our local communities.

Why should you consider a business commitment to sustainability?

For many organizations, a formal sustainability policy has become a requirement for doing business. Providing evidence of green practices and having policies in place helps avoid possible roadblocks to doing business together in the future.

It allows for increased resource efficiency. Businesses need to plan for increasing resource costs in the future, the cost of adaptation to climate change, and requirements to reduce carbon emissions. Embedding sustainability into your business will allow you to do this. Through the development of more sustainable business practices, efficiency in operations will increase.

Customers are demanding it. Current and future generations are MUCH more inclined to consider a business’ corporate platform on sustainable business practices when spending their consumer dollar. Current job seekers want to know they are a part of corporate culture that operates responsibly and mindfully in their environment. This means when considering offers, they often will choose to join a company with a communicated sustainability policy over one who doesn’t have one in place.

In today’s economy, creating a sustainable business protocol does not take much effort. With a few key conversations about your company’s priorities and a willingness to make a few small changes, any organization can begin to operate in a way that leaves the world a little bit better than they found it!

Read more about Sustainability in Part 3: How to Become More Intentional About Sustainability as a Business Practice.

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