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Pepperl + Fuchs USi System: State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Technology

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Pepperl + Fuchs now offer the groundbreaking USi-Safety Ultrasonic Sensor System for safety applications in challenging industrial environments.  This system is also used in outdoor areas to provide machines and vehicles with reliable protection. Preventing safety functions from potentially being manipulated is a recurring challenge when implementing safety applications.  This meets the challenge.

A miniature sensor unit detached from the control interface enables the USi-Safety System to be used even in confined installation situations. The special design of the converter allows the sensor to cover an elliptical, three-dimensional sound field with opening angles of ± 17° and ± 5°, providing an improved level of safety. 

USi-Safety System supports a teach-in process where a machine part is used as a reference target so that the sensor system can register deviations immediately and the safety function can remain operational. Comprehensive parameterization software and documentation make commissioning the Ultrasonic Sensor System quick and simple for users.  In addition, the parameterization software can be used to initialize periodic tests and to generate safety protocols for the required safety verification in a fully automated manner.

Features & Benefits:

  • Measures distance to a wide range of objects regardless of shape, color, or surface texture
  • Measures distance through moderate amounts of dust, smoke, and humidity
  • Has no moving parts
  • Has no lenses to clean
  • Small and unobtrusive

In industrial applications, ultrasonic sensors are characterized by their reliability and outstanding versatility.  Ultrasonic sensors can be used to solve even the most complex tasks involving object detection and level measurement with millimeter precision because the measuring methods work reliably under almost all conditions. No other measuring method can be successfully used on such a wide scale and in so many different applications. The devices are extremely robust, making them suitable for the toughest conditions. The sensor surface cleans itself through vibration which makes it insensitive to dirt. The physical principle—the propagation of sound—works in practically any environment.

The Pepperl + Fuchs USi-Safety Ultrasonic Sensor System consists of an evaluation unit, a sensor unit, a temperature sensor, and the software.

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Click here to download the datasheet.

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