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Powerful Connectivity Tools Unlock Valuable Data

ByCody Bohl

Information provided by: Brett Lincoln, Sales Area Manager at Red Lion Controls

For factory automation customers who need to collect critical data from multi-generational or multi-vendor deployed systems, Red Lion’s DA10D and DA30D Data Acquisition protocol converters are new devices that offer standard Ethernet and serial ports to gather and share data from disparate systems.

This new offering leverages Crimson 3.1 software, providing native support to over 300 industrial drivers, out-of-box OPC UA server capabilities and simple point-and-click configuration of MQTT cloud connectors for some of the industry’s most popular IIoT platforms from Amazon, Microsoft and Inductive Automation.

From the plant floor to the front office, the DA10D and DA30D Protocol Converter and Data Acquisition platforms were designed to act as a key part of any plant’s industrial data collection, visualization and management system, allowing for operational decisions that have meaningful business impact.

Providing real-time data from virtually any equipment, anywhere, additional options include a data, event and security logger with cryptographic signature support and SQL queries which can be executed periodically or on demand, ideal for both simplifying recipe and batch management while ensuring the highest quality standards. Further, the platform also offers an optional web server featuring mobile responsive design, a full-screen display ideal for tablet or mobile display, HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript support.

Highlights of the DA10D and DA30D Data Stations:

  • Supports over 300 industrial drivers
  • Industrial environmental specifications
    • Wide operating temperature
    • High shock and vibration tolerance
    • UL Class 1, Div 2 (model dependent)
  • Optional real-time data, event and security logging with cryptographic signature support

To download the full DA10D and DA30D brochure, click HERE.

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