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PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker & Visi-Trip LED Locator

ByJacob Diker


Standard Electric and Schneider Electric are proud to present the PowerPacT molded Case Circuit Breaker with the Visi-Trip LED Locator. The PowerPacT™ is the industry-leading, multi-standard compliant range of molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) that delivers unrivaled reliability. Suitable for heavy-duty applications, this highly flexible solution is designed to protect electrical distribution systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits.A person in a hard hat working on a computerDescription automatically generated

  • Multi-Standard for simplified global design
  • Refreshed modern look with same catalog numbers.
  • Visi-Trip LED visual locator as an accessory (available on frames H, J, L)
  • Laser engraved label with QR Codes for easy access to device documentation.
  • Viewing windows to quickly identify breaker accessories.

The PowerPacT™ Advantage

  • Proven Performance: Industry-leading circuit breaker innovation and protection for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.A black rectangular object with a yellow lightDescription automatically generated
  • Smart: Integrated metering options provide a cost-effective solution to reduce energy consumption, optimize energy costs, and improve energy availability for your facilities.
  • Flexible: Full range of thermal-magnetic and electronic trip molded case circuit breakers from 15 to 3000 A, delivering the ratings, configurations, and operators for your unique applications.
  • Simple: Common catalog numbers, standardized ratings, and a full range of field-installable accessories make product selection, installation, and maintenance easier than ever.
  • Common Design Features: Mounting holes, door trim, and handle accessories

The industry’s first LED visual indicator, Visi-Trip aids in quickly locating a circuit breaker that requires attention with a long duration, slow flash that will last for up to 6 hours.

  • Accessory only, quick and simple field installation via one screw embedded in each toggle.
  • Available as an accessory for PowerPacT H, J & L frames.

The PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker & Visi-Trip LED Locator is a proven gamechanger. Contact your account manager or click the button below to get yours now!

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