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Predictive Maintenance: An Important Element in Your Uptime Strategy

ByCody Bohl

Contributing author: Shannon Evans, Channel Marketing Coordinator, Grace Engineered Products

Every facility across the globe relies on electrical power today. Most industrial and commercial facilities solely rely on their utility power feeds and transformers while other mission critical facilities depend on generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for their back up power redundancy.

A common factor in determining the reliability and uptime of an electrical system is the condition and the availability of the power distribution equipment such as medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, transfer switches and MCCs used in the downstream.

Since most systems are already designed conservatively considering the marginal future load, this may not create a major problem in the short run. However, the same trends of adding additional loads over time without considering their effects like surge characteristics and duty cycles will negatively impact the insulation and performance characteristics that could potentially lead to an unplanned outage.

The inconvenient truth about preventable failures of power distribution equipment is that it takes down an entire production line or in some cases the complete facility shuts down. In contrast, many processes are still operable in the event of a failure in just one single piece of downstream equipment such as a pump or motor in a manufacturing process.

Electrical system breakdowns are a leading cause of equipment and business interruption losses. It’s a growing problem and the losses can be substantial – electrical systems constitute a major percentage of a property’s total value.

GraceSenseTM Hot Spot Monitor (HSM) is a continuous temperature monitoring device that can spot temperature abnormalities in electrical connections of power distribution systems such as busbars, MCCs, drive panels, switchgear, and bus ducts etc.

HSM allows the user to set, monitor, record and retrieve the temperature data of critical connections in an electrical equipment. The unique non-conductive fiber optic technology with secured connections allows simple field installation in low, medium and high voltage electrical systems up to 80kV.

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