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Proven Solar Power Protection From Littelfuse


ByGriffin Buckley

With solar energy playing a larger role in the world, it’s even more important to provide a trusted solution to these energy needs. In the photovoltaic (PV) industry, Littelfuse has established itself as an established circuit protection supplier, providing PV designers product for over 17,000,000 installations.

Especially with solar panel technology fuses play a vital role in current protection and avoiding costly circuit malfunctions.

Littelfuse’s range of solar fuses deliver the versatility and protection needed in the PV industry:

1500 V dc Solar Fuse Products

  • SPXC Series Fuses
    • 1500 V dc | 10 x 57 mm
    • UL 248-19 Listed
    • Meets IEC 60269-6 electrical performance requirements
    • Up to 50,000 A interrupting rating
  • SPXV Series Fuse
    • 1500 V dc | 1–32 A and 35–60 A
    • UL 248-19 Listed and IEC 60269-6
    • Applications: inverters and combiner boxes
    • SPXVS silver-plated series available
  • SPXI In-Line Series Fuses
    • 1500 V dc | 2.5 – 32 A and 35–60 A
    • UL 248-19 Listed
    • No fuse holder required
    • Application: PV wire harness (eliminate combiner boxes)
  • SPNH Series Fuses
    • 1500 V dc | 50 –400 A
    • UL 248-19 Listed and IEC 60269-6
    • Mounting: bolted directly onto busbar or inserted into fuse blocks
    • Applications: inverters and re-combiners
1000 V dc Solar Fuses
  • SPFI In-Line Series Fuses
    • 1000 V dc | 2–30 A
    • UL 248-19 Recognized
    • No fuse holder required
    • Application: PV wire harness (eliminate combiner boxes)
  • SPFJ Series Fuses
    • 1000 V dc | 70–450 A
    • UL 248-19 Listed, UL 248-8, Class J and IEC 60269-6
    • Compact footprint reduces panel size
    • Applications: re-combiner boxes and inverters
  • SPF Series Fuses
    • 1000 V dc | 1–30 A
    • UL 248-19 Listed and IEC 60269-6
    • Ferrule or PCB mount available
    • Applications: combiner boxes, inverters, and battery charge controllers
600 V dc Solar Fuses
  • IDSR Series Indicator® Fuses KLKD Series 10 x 38 (Midget) Fuses
    • 600 V ac/dc ¬
    • KLKD UL 248-19 Listed
    • Applications: combiner boxes, inverters, battery chargers and high amp power distribution

Littelfuse circuit-protection products meet the unique requirements of photovoltaic applications – where issues such as heat, efficiency, longevity and global standards impact the choices in selecting protection options. In addition to Littlefuse’s extensive solar fuse offerings, they support the PV industry by supplying fuse blocks, relays, distribution blocks, multi-layer varistors, surge protection devices, and metal oxide varistors.

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